1. Intro (Dark Rhythm) Seven Ellis 0:46
  2. SOUL CHASER Seven Ellis 3:27
  3. DONT BLOW MY HIGH FEAT. LT DONALDSON Seven Ellis & LT Donaldson 3:44
  4. WHAT COULD IT BE Seven Ellis & Imon 3:42
  5. STRAWBERRY LANE Seven Ellis 3:12
  6. ALWAYS KEEP IT G Seven Ellis 3:13
  7. WHAT ELSE Seven Ellis 2:27
  8. AINT GONE CHANGE Seven Ellis 3:24
  9. WHY THE POLICE Seven Ellis 3:55
  10. DARK RHYTHM (Outro) Seven Ellis 1:28


Dark Rhythm is a 8 track EP by Seven Ellis; released on June 16th 2018. Dark Rhythm is the start of a musical/film series which tells a coded story of a dark life left for listeners to decode. Dark Rhythm is available on all streaming platforms.



Features & Links

“Don’t Blow My High” features artist, LT Donaldson.

“What Could It Be” features artist, Imon.



Links available soon.


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Dark Rhythm

Title : Dark Rhythm
Release Date : June 16, 2018
Format : Digital Download